The Charleston Bending Brace | Scoliosis Braces
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Scoliosis Braces

New Evidence, New Solutions

  • Over 15 peer-reviewed-published studies validate proven efficacy.
  • Increased patient compliance due to night-time-only wear.
  • Major psychological benefits realized by eliminating stigma associated with day-time bracing.
  • Full participation in daily activities facilitated without restriction.
  • Proven equally effective as 23-hour bracing systems, especially with curves less than 35 degrees.

CBB – Standard

  • MPE (Modified Polyethelene)
  • Anterior Opening
  • Dynamic Lumbar Pad

(CBB Type II Curve Only)

CBB – Lite

  • Softer Polyera Material
  • Recommended for Smaller Patients
  • Neuromuscular Anomolies