Frequently Asked Questions About Your Charleston Bending Brace®

How many hours should the brace be worn each night?

Your goal is 8-10 hours, (ex: If you go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am, you will have worn the brace for 8 hours).

Can I put on and take off the brace by myself?

Yes. At first you may need help, but after a week or two you should be able to do it yourself.

If I have a sleep-over with friends, do I still need to wear the brace?

No. Once or Twice a month you can choose to sleep without the brace.

Can I wear a shirt under the brace?

Yes. A T-shirt is important but no bra. Actually, it is important that you do wear a snug fitting T-shirt or tank top under the brace to absorb moisture from your body.

How do I clean my brace?

Although the lining of the brace does not absorb moisture, the foam should be cleaned occasionally with a soft cloth and a generous amount of rubbing alcohol (1-2 times per month).

Do I take the brace off if I get up to go to the bathroom?

Generally yes, but if you feel comfortable walking a short distance with the brace on, you can do that.

When might I need to change to a full time brace?

If, after using your nightime brace for one year your spinal curve increases, the doctor may decide to change your prescription.

How do I know when the brace does not fit any more?

Generally the brace will last 12-18 months before you grow out of it. If it becomes uncomfortable or you cannot tighten the straps to the marks, then the brace may be too small. Please call our office.

Is it normal for me to feel self-conscious when wearing the brace?

Whatever you feel is normal. This may seem like a big change in your life. Everyone feels differently about wearing a scoliosis brace. If you have negative feelings, talk with your friends and family. Wearing a brace to prevent your scoliosis from progressing is a positive step towards an active, healthy lifestyle.

Are there support groups available?

Yes! There are websites and volunteer organizations devoted to people with scoliosis. Here are a couple: