The Charleston Bending Brace | How to Order the Charleston Bending Brace®
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How to Order the Charleston Bending Brace®

The Charleston Bending Brace is Available Internationally

STEP 1: Obtain a prescription for the Charleston Bending Brace

  •  CBB Standard
  •  CBB-Lite

STEP 2: Complete the Work Order/Measurement Form

  • Provide complete contact info, date, PO number, etc.
  • Provide complete patient information and physical measurements.
  • Specify type of brace and material

STEP 3: Attach X-rays/Images and Submit Order

  • Download Order Form
  • X-rays and measurement forms may be mailed but Digital Images are preferred
  • Mail forms to:
    Charleston Bending Brace
    524 Barbados Drive
    Charleston, SC 29492
  • Fax forms to:  843-884-1554
  • Email forms to: