Comparative Studies of the Charleston Bending Brace

Boston vs. CBB:


  • Both orthoses were comparably effective in treating single thoracolumbar and single lumbar curves.
  • Equally effective to 35 degrees.
  • Boston Brace more effective for larger curves.

Katz, et al.  S;pine 22:1302, 1997

Charleston Bending Brace:


  • 85 CBB patients
  • 27 TLSO patients
  • No significant differences in success rate was found between the two groups.

Gepstein, JPO 22:84, 2001

Charleston Bending Brace:


  • 30 patients compared to TLSO results
  • Nighttime bending brace was considered as effective as the Wilmington brace in controlling adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

Bowen,  Orthopedics 24:967, 2001