Where To Find A Charleston Bending Brace Near You

Unlike traditional braces worn 23 hours a day, the Charleston Bending Brace is designed to be worn only at night while sleeping. Night-time bracing is advantageous because it allows the patient to continue with all normal day-time activities such as sports, dance, play, beach, water activities, etcetera.  It also eliminates the psychological stigma associated with 23-hour bracing, the result of which is better patient compliance.

Many young people experience anxiety when learning they have scoliosis and are concerned about how it might affect their lives. Often, they find comfort in learning that they are not alone.  Over 2.5 million young Americans have been diagnosed with idiopathic adolescent scoliosis. The information provided here offers straightforward answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from patients, their parents and their friends. Equally important we explain how the night-time-only Charleston Bending Brace can help treat what may seem like a very scary condition with minimal inconvenience. By working with the orthotist, doctor and the CBB team we hope to make the treatment process much more manageable.

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