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The Bending Brace Foundation

The Original¬†Bending Brace was developed by Dr. Frederick Reed and Mr. Ralph Hooper, CPO, and introduced in 1979. This brace is worn during sleep. It is molded to conform to the patient’s body while bending towards the convexity of the curve. A preliminary study and subsequent longer term follow-up of those using the nighttime bending brace are encouraging, particularly for a single curve. The potential for a patient to wear a part-time brace while sleeping, rather than the usual full-time (22-23 hours) regimen is cited as an important benefit.

A successful outcome is achieved from bracing by having a highly skilled orthotist or brace maker work hand in hand with the orthopedist to craft a brace precisely tailored to the patient’s needs. Sometimes an exercise pro gram is also provided. Subsequently, the physician will have the patient return for routine checkups and order X-rays to make sure the brace is working. He will prescribe periodic adjustments as necessary.

The brace is worn until the physician has determined that skeletal maturity has been reached at which time the patient will be gradually weaned from the brace.